Product Hamilton Beach HBF1100S-CE 3.5 HP Culinary Blender (Liquid) 4L
Code HBF1100S-CE
Dimension 226 x 378 x 481 mm
Manufactured P.R.C
Price 54,000,000 ₫

- Powerful 3.5 HP motor and large container help you finish blending jobs faster. - Custom Program Buttons – Offer a large degree of custom blending and precision control. - Preset Timer Buttons – Gives operators more time to perform other kitchen tasks. - Lid Interlock – Ensures that the blender won’t start until the jar and lid are securely in place.

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Motor 3.5 HP
Power 1500 W (CE Plug)
Voltage 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz  
Dimensions 226 x 378 x 481 mm
4.0 L
Weight 11 Kg


Perfect balance of agility, productivity and capacity
The HBF1100S Series takes the top spot for high-volume, high-performance blending in the EXPEDITOR™ Family of Culinary Blenders. With a one-gallon capacity, it delivers more servings per blend, maximizing blending efficiency.

Powerful 3.5 Hp Motor: strong enough to power through thick ingredients in the least amount of time and optimized for maximum motor life.

Low-Profile Design – For convenient access to the container on any countertop.

Variable Speed Dial – Allows blending from a very low speed to a high speed that quickly creates a smooth puree.

Precision Control Touchpad: equipped with a wide variety of touch controls and a variable speed dial to provide multiple possibilities for every commercial kitchen.

Custom Program Buttons with Pre-programmed Cycles: create custom blending programs with precise control. Use P1 and P2 buttons to keep recipes consistent. As your menu changes, update programs easily by inserting a memory card.

Preset Timer Buttons: free up time because operators can move on to other tasks by using one of four time buttons with their choice of HIGH, VARIABLE, CHOP or PULSE and still achieve the desired result.

Lid Interlock – Ensures that the blender won’t start until the jar and lid are securely in place. Features a unique transparent lid for optimal control over food texture and consistency.

Large 120ml / 4 oz. dosing cup makes adding liquid for emulsions easy while blending hot and cold food.

High-Strength Stainless Steel Blade Design: features 4 sharpened cutting surfaces that quickly cut through food ingredients for exceptional blending, grinding, chopping, and pureeing applications.