Product Moretti Forni MP 20T Dough Mixer 20L
Code MP20T
Dimension 500 x 700 x 1200 mm
Manufactured Italy
Price(10% VAT not included) 110,000,000 ₫

The new mixers are available in 4 different capacities, 20lt, 40lt, 60lt, 80lt and in 2 different versions for a total of 8 models. The machines can have 3 motor speeds or the speed change gear, the manual or electrical bowl uplift (MP20T with unmovable bowl) and the simple or electronic control (not available for MP20T and MP20V). All the mixers are now equipped with a “French” shaped bowl and, on demand, with a bowl reduction kit.

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Power 1100W
Voltage 400V / 50Hz
Dimension 500 x 700 x 1200 mm
Bowl Capacity 20 L
Weight 110Kg