• How is the Sunshine warranty policy?

    Please contact directly Sunshine warranty center for any technical problems or service requested to maintain a proper working condition of the purchased product.

         1. Warranty condition

             - Breakdown caused by the manufacturer.

             - Warranty period still valid.

             - To have invoice or delivery note issued by Sunshine Equipment.

             - Warranty certificate and stamp is not touched, corrected, erased.

             - There is full information in warranty certificate: Customer name, address, model, description, serial number, delivery date.


         2. The case is not warranted or warranty costs incurred:

            - Products do not meet warranty condition in Article 01.

            - Model & serial number not match warranty certificate.

            - Breakdown due to not follow instruction of use.

            - Breakdown due to mechanical impact: dropping, breaking, scratching, denting, rusty and watery…

            - Breakdown due to rodents, insects infestation or caused by fires or natural disasters.

            - Normal attrition: gaskets, belt, blades….

            - Spare parts enclosed: electric wire, plug, switch, lamp…..

            - Repairs or changes structure of products by another services than Sunshine authorized service center (without informing Warranty center).

            - Defect not covered by the manufacturer's warranty specified in the warranty certificate.


         3. Warranty period:

             Warranty period is 12 months from delivery date


         4. Warranty method:

             - Please contact directly the Warranty center for any problem or service requested.

    Address: 47-49 Phan Xích Long Str., Ward 2, Phu Nhuan district, HCMC

    Hotline Ho Chi Minh:   0913 335 223 | 0906 390 320

    Hotline Hanoi:              0913 335 223 | 0906 390 320

            - Customer must present the warranty certificate or invoice for any intervention..

            - Customer is responsible for transportation’s fee to Warranty Center of breakdown’s product.

  • What payment methods does Sunshine currently support?

    Customer can pay by cash or transfer to our bank account (details as following)


    Account number : 0721000567431

    Bank: Vietcombank – Ky Dong Branch, Ho Chi Minh City


    Please help to choose 1 in 2 below options:

         1. 100% value of purchase order before delivery

         2. Deposit 50% and 50% value of purchase order before delivery

    (Our team will contact you for related procedure)

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