Product Nayati NGPC 4-90 GR Gas Pasta Cooker ~ 11.5Kw
Code NGPC 4-90 GR
Dimension 400 x 900 x 850 / 910 mm
Brand NAYATI / Indonesia
Manufactured Indonesia
Price(10% VAT not included) 56,500,000 ₫

Gas Pasta Cooker with 11.5 Kw power rate. Water temperature maintained by thermostat with maximum working temperature of 100°C

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Gas Power ~11.5 Kw
400 x 900 x 850 / 910 mm
40 L
Noodle Baskets
Gas Connection
R ¾”
Water Connection R ½”
Weight 61 Kg


Grandis Gas Pasta Cooker with 40 Liters of Pasta-Cooking Capacity. Equipped with faucet to ensure continuous water replacement cycle in the pasta cooker tank. Unit can be installed free standing or solid block solutions. Featuring rear seamless fitting to Grandis family.