Product Nayati NGTP 8-75 MR Gas Tilting Braising Pan ~ 12 Kw
Code NGTP 8-75 ME
Dimension 800 x 750 x 850 mm
Brand NAYATI / Indonesia
Manufactured Indonesia

Gas Tilting Braising Pan with 12Kw power rate. The thick bottom plate spread the heat from burner below. Operation temperature of 340°C, unit to be installed on open cabinet or similar elements, cantilever, or solid block solutins. Featuring removable clip joint to connect New Meritus family product.

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Gas Power ~ 12Kw
Dimension 800 x 750 x 850 mm
Temperature 100°C – 340°C
Capacity 43 L
Weight 119 Kg


Meritus Gas Tilting Braising Pan with 12 kW power rate. Designed with 20 mm AISI 420 griddle / knive steel griddle for stable heating performance. Manual Tilting Operation Mode. Featuring rear seamless fitting to Meritus family.