Product Roller Grill BM 23 Bain-marie Machine
Code BM-23
Dimension 360 x 355 x 280 mm
Brand Roller Grill / France
Manufactured France
Price(10% VAT not included) 8,700,000 ₫

The professional bain-marie BM 23 is the essential and efficient cooking equipment for bain-marie cooking of all types of food.

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Power 1.7 Kw
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Outside Dimension 360 x 355 x 280 mm
Inside Dimension 335 x 310 x 160 mm
Temperature 0°C - 90°C
Weight 18 Kg


This Gastronorm GN 2 / 3 bain-marie allows you to cook gently or to keep warm food, prepared dishes, sauces etc. This gentle cooking or reheating is done in a bain-marie hot water tank. The culinary preparations are cooked or heated without contact with the heat source in a water bath at 90 ° C.
This professional bain-marie is a high-performance water bath with a new double heating system to prevent distortion of the tank. This stainless steel bain-marie can receive GN containers ( GN 2/3 and smallers) with a maximum height of 150 mm.
Features: adjustable heating power, control switch-thermostat, temperature limiter with automatic reset, control lamp. Reinforced insulation. Delivered without GN container.