Product Roller Grill GR 60 G Gas Gyros Grill (Kebab)
Code GR 60 G
Dimension 580 x 660 x 860 mm
Brand Roller Grill / France
Manufactured France

The gyros grill or kebab grill GR 60 G – 600-mm-high spit - 25 kg of meat - fits all your dishes of gyros or kebab meat. This vertical gas grill has been designed for easy use and maintenance.

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Power 10.5 Kw
Dimension 580 x 660 x 860 mm
Capacity 25 Kg
Spit Height 600 mm
Weight 32 Kg


The GR 60 G, a very flexible vertical gas grill with many possibilities of use!
The vertical gas grill GR 60 G can cook or reheat a spit of 25-kg-kebab or gyros meat thanks to 3 infrared burners with safety thermocouples. The independent regulation of each gas burner enable you to vary the cooking from low position to large flame.
For even cooking, the back and the heating sources of the grill gyros are adjustable according to the volume of the ""carrot of meat"" or spit of meat.
This vertical gas grill is equipped with a 600-mm-high spit. This rotating spindle placed in front of the heating source of the gyros grill can support up to 25 kg of beef, lamb or poultry.
A wide choice of accessories allows you to customize your gyros or kebab gas grill GR 80 G:
- A set of 12 barbecue skewers (BG 4) to grill shashliks, meat skewers or fish.
- A set of 4 specific spits (BG 1) to roast chickens.
- The kebab knife to cut the meat easily and to calibrate the pieces of meat.
- Stainless steel side reflectors to concentrate the heat on the spit of meat
- Stainless steel protection to recover excess of meat juice and cut meat.
- The meat shovel to make portions of gyros or kebab meat.
The highly functional and ergonomic design of the kebab grill GR 60 G makes you forget the tedious use and cleaning of a classic vertical grill!
The kebab grill GR 60 G is equipped with a fully hermetic spit holder. The motor placed at the bottom part is thus protected from any infiltration of fat or gravy. Mounted on stainless steel ball bearings, the motor does not support the weight of the meat or the jerks by cutting the meat. It remains protected from any twisting.
The meat spit is put in place very easily, with one hand, on the hermetic support. This vertical spindle is equipped with a pin to be removed in case of failure in order to keep using the grill kebab by manual rotation.
The kebab grill GR 60 G is easy to clean thanks to the large inclined and stamped bottom that collects pressed juice into a fully removable drawer.
Features: on / off switch, 600-mm-high spit, 3 gas burners with safety thermocouple, pilot lights. Delivered in LPG with a set of natural gas injectors. Supplied without accessory.