Product Roller Grill RDN 60 F Negative Display With Fixed Grids
Code RDN 60F
Dimension 600 x 630 x 1865 mm
Brand Roller Grill / France
Manufactured France
Price(10% VAT not included) 93,900,000 ₫

The ventilated negative display cabinet RDN 60 F is specially designed for displaying ice cream and frozen desserts in your restaurant or bakery.

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Power 0.8 Kw
Voltage 230V / 50 Hz
Outside Dimension 600 x 630 x 1865 mm
Inside Dimension 545 x 545 x 120 mm
Dimension (grids or rotating glass shelves)
535 x 495 mm
360 L
Temperature -5°C to -18°C
Weight 188 Kg


Highlight your frozen desserts at good temperature in the ventilated negative display cabinet with turning plates!
Panoramic and equipped with 4 LED lighting, the ventilated negative display cabinet RDN 60 F showcases your ice creams, pastries and frozen pies.
Your pastries and ice cream creations are presented on 5 fixed grids of dimensions 510 x 510 mm and adjustable on 7 levels.

The vertical showcase RDN 60 F is equipped with a very efficient cold system.
The ventilated refrigeration system ensures a uniform temperature of -5 to -20 ° C in the vertical showcase.
The evaporator placed in the upper part guarantees a homogeneous cold in the whole refrigerated display cabinet.
The electronic thermostat allows automatic defrosting every 2 hours.
Perfectly insulated, this vertical showcase with negative cold is equipped with triple glazed walls.
All refrigerated pastry display cabinets are factory tested at an ambient outside temperature of 29 ° C.

Features: regulation by electronic thermostat, 4 LED ramps, magnetic closing door, Tecumseh FRANCE compressor, R452A gas without CFC. Tropicalized showcase mounted on 4 double wheels. Available in 3 colors: stainless steel, gold or black.