Product Santos Classic Citrus Juicer 11 130W
Code Santos-11C
Dimension 230 x 300 x 350 mm
Brand SANTOS / France
Manufactured France

- Commercial juicer, built to last, with a heavy duty and quiet induction motor. 
- Delivered with 3 removable squeezers for oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits.
- Easy to clean: removable bowl, grid and squeezer.
- Spout height: 125 mm (5"), to make juice in a glass.
- Use everywhere you need a freshly squeezed citrus juice: health food stores, hotels, bars, restaurants...

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Power 130 W
Voltage 220-240 V/50 Hz
Dimension 200 x 300 x 350 mm
Weight 5 Kg
20-40 L/h