Product Roller Grill CO 60 Eggs Boiler (1200W)
Code CO 60
Dimension 225 x 430 x 255 mm
Brand Roller Grill / France
Manufactured France

The professional egg boiler CO 60 is the ideal cooking equipment for breakfast and brunch.

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Power 1200 W
Voltage  230 V / 50 Hz
Dimension 215 x 430 x 255 mm
GN 1/3 (6 - 10 Eggs)
 Weight 5 Kg


- The professional CO 60 egg boiler is a must have equipment for breakfast buffet and brunch.
- The Gastronorm GN 1/3 egg boiler is an indispensable professional equipment for breakfast buffet in hotels and for brunch in restaurants. This professional egg cooker allows each customer to prepare the egg of his breakfast at the desired cooking time: soft-boiled egg, boiled egg, poched egg ...
- Nothing is easier and safer than the use of the egg cooker Roller Grill!
- The Roller Grill egg cooker works like a bain-marie: all you have to do is to pour water into the GN 1/3 stainless steel tray and to immerse your egg basket in boiling water. The powerful heating element is placed under the container. An aluminum plate evenly transfers the heat to the whole base of the water tray. The temperature limiter enables you to cook eggs safely.
- Easy to clean and to store, the compact egg cooker is equipped with a stainless-steel lid. It comes with 6 numbered baskets and holds up to 10 egg baskets.