Product Roller Grill CS 3E Hot-dog Steamer 650W
Code CS 3 E
Dimension 450 x 300 x 400 mm
Brand Roller Grill / France
Manufactured France

The CS 3 E professional hot dog appliance cooks your hot dogs in record time! It is easy to use and takes up minimal space.


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Power 0,65 Kw
Voltage 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Dimension 450 x 300 x 400 mm
Capacity 40 Fresh Sausages
10 Kg


- The professional hot dog machine CS 3 E: a fast cooking steamer of you hot dogs!
- After preheating, the professional hot dog machine CS 3 E can be used continuously all day long. A hot dog can be served every minute, 60 hot dogs per hour!
- This electric steamer is specially designed for steam cooking of fresh sausages. A glass cylinder (ø 200mm, Height: 240mm) surmounted by a stainless steel lid is placed on a water tray. The heating element under the Teflon container allows to heat up and to boil the water. Steam is created in the high temperature inside of the glass enclosure.
- An electric hot dog machine very easy to use!
- The use of this electric hot dog machine is very easy. Simply set up the switch thermostat to "max" for 15 minutes, then in continuous position for non-stop cooking or at 70 ° C to keep warm.
- A compartmentalised basket is inserted into the glass cylinder. It can hold up to 40 fresh sausages. The 2 compartments of the basket are used to separate the fresh sausages from the already cooked sausages.
- This professional hot dog machine is also fitted out with 3 heating pads to toast the special bun for hot dog or the inside of the baguette.
- A hot dog steam cooker in a minimum of space!
- Very compact, this hot dog steam cooker will find its place in sandwich shops, food trucks and small food outlets.
- Features: 3 heating pads, cylindrical glass envelope, teflon tank, energy regulator, pilot light.