Warranty - Maintenance Policy
Warranty - Maintenance Policy

Please contact directly Sunshine warranty center for any technical problems or service requested to maintain a proper working condition of the purchased product.

     1. Warranty conditions:

         - Technical defects in material and workmanship caused by the manufacturer, under normal use and service.

         - The product is still under the warranty period.

         - Original sales documents issued by Sunshine Equipment, such as Invoice and/or Delivery note.

         - Intact Warranty Certificate, eg. not starred, not corrected, nor erased.

         - Dully filled-in warranty certificate with Customer name, Address, Product name, Model, Description, Serial number and Delivery date.


     2. Limitation of the Warranty (cases where the warranty is excluded or will incur reparation cost):

        - One or more warranty conditions described in the above Article 01 are not satisfied.

        - The product code (model) & the serial number printed on the product are not matched with the Warranty certificate.

        - Defects caused by the user when not following the instruction of use.

        - Defects caused by exterior forces, such as dropping, breaking, glass/lamp scratching, denting, rusty, water leaking…

        - Defects caused by rodents, insects infestation or caused by fires or natural disasters.

        - Components that are naturally worn out over the time of use, such as: frying basket, bulb, rubber gaskets, belt, blades….

        - Small enclosed spare parts, such as: electric wire, plug, switch, lamp…..

        - Repairs or changes of the structure of the products by a third party other than Sunshine Equipment’s authorized service center, without proper information and acceptance by Sunshine Equipment.

        - Defects not covered by the manufacturer's warranty policy specified in the Warranty certificate.


     3. Warranty period:

         Warranty period is 12 months from delivery date


     4. Warranty method:

         - Please contact directly the Warranty center for any problem or service requested.

Address: 47-49 Phan Xích Long St., Ward 2, Phu Nhuan Dist., HCMC

Hotline Ho Chi Minh:   0913 335 223 | 0906 390 320

Hotline Hanoi:              0913 335 223 | 0906 390 320

        - Customer shall provide the serial number of the equipment that need to be repaired and/or the original sales documents to the Warranty center before any intervention.

        - Customer is responsible for any transportation fee to deliver the product to our Warranty center (if any).